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Arm Liposuction in Seattle & Bellevue

Arm LiposuctionThe upper arms are a problem area for many people, particularly women, which can be extremely frustrating as the excess fat stored on the arms is often resistant to diet and exercise. Fat accumulation tends to be concentrated on the lower portion of the upper arms due to gravity, resulting in a flabby or “bat wing” appearance. Fat is also stored on the back of the upper arms, which tends to bulge out when standing with the arms relaxed by your side, creating a broad or bulky appearance. Having large upper arms can make it difficult to find flattering clothing, and also makes some patients shy away from wearing fitted shirts and jackets, tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and swimsuits. Fortunately, liposuction is a relatively simple procedure that effectively removes the excess fat, creating a leaner and toned arm contour. Arm liposuction allows patients to expose their arms with confidence!

Candidates for Arm Liposuction

The ideal candidate for arm liposuction is a patient in good general health who has excess fat on the upper arms. It is also important for arm liposuction patients to have good skin elasticity, as this will allow the skin to retract well after liposuction, promoting defined, slender-looking arms. Patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight and have loose skin may benefit from an arm lift rather than liposuction. Arm liposuction in patients with already loose skin can occasionally make the skin even looser. At your complimentary consultation, Dr. Precht will examine your arms and assess your skin elasticity. She will determine if you are a good candidate for arm liposuction and inform you of the realistic results you can expect to achieve. Dr. Precht is thoroughly invested in each patient and their results, as she wants her patients to be confident and happy with their new arms!

VASER Lipo of the Arms

At Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medispa, we are proud to offer VASERlipo — the latest, most technologically advanced method of liposuction and body contouring available today. Instead of using the sharp instruments and aggressive suctioning associated with traditional liposuction, Dr. Precht performs VASERlipo, a minimally invasive method of fat removal that produces superior results. Thanks to this less-invasive technique, our patients have much shorter recovery times and return to normal activities quickly.

Arm liposuction must be performed with extreme precision and meticulous attention to detail. With her vast experience as a liposuction specialist, Dr. Precht has developed unique, specialized cannulas that only have aspiration holes on the underside of the cannula. Because the side of her customized cannulas that face the skin are smooth and without holes, this essentially eliminates the risk of contour irregularities and divets, allowing Dr. Precht to achieve smooth, natural, and dramatic results. 

Before Arm Liposuction

When you arrive at our office in downtown Seattle for your lipo treatment, you will meet your anesthetist who will be with you throughout the procedure monitoring you. Because general anesthesia is not needed, you will recover faster. Your anesthetist will give you IV medications that cause you to fall into a deep sleep, so that you will not feel or remember anything. This allows Dr. Precht to remove the maximum amount of fat from the treated areas to provide you with the most dramatic results, while ensuring a comfortable, pain-free procedure for you. Most patients report feeling like they took a short nap and the procedure was over!

During Arm Liposuction

The initial phase of the procedure involves the use of tumescent fluid, an anesthetic solution injected under the skin that produces a numbing effect and prevents bleeding, making liposuction extremely safe. After the tumescent fluid is introduced, a tiny VASER probe that emits ultrasonic energy at its tip is inserted to dislodge the fat from the surrounding tissue, while leaving vital structures unharmed. Because of the powerful yet gentle energy emitted, Dr. Precht is able to remove more fat with VASERlipo than with any other liposuction technique. Once the ultrasonic energy emitted from the VASER probe has dislodged the fat sufficiently, the fat is then removed via a tiny tube called a micro-cannula. The fat is then aspirated into canisters that the patient can view when the procedure is concluded. 

Recovery from Arm Liposuction

Because the VASERlipo process is so precise, our patients have superior results and experience an easier and faster recovery than those who undergo other types of liposuction. In comparison to patients who have undergone other liposuction methods, VASERlipo patients have less bruising, swelling, and postoperative discomfort.

The morning immediately following your procedure, you will be able to resume your light everyday activities. You can take your first shower 24 hours after the procedure, and many patients can already see a difference in their arms! Most patients report that the discomfort they experience feels like they did a strenuous workout, and they can usually return to work after a few days. We provide you with a special garment to wear postoperatively that greatly reduces any swelling and provides added comfort as well. The majority of the swelling is gone within one week, and every week for the first month you will continue to shrink as the swelling continues to resolve. We take your first set of “after” photos 6 weeks after surgery, and most patients are amazed at the transformation! You are able to enjoy your new body soon after the procedure!

Arm Liposuction Cost

The cost of arm liposuction depends on multiple factors including the qualification and expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. It also depends on the number of areas treated as well as the length of time and complexity of the procedure. The cost of arm liposuction includes the facility free, anesthesia fee, the postoperative garment, and all postoperative visits. The cost of liposuction of one area, such as the arms, is approximately $6,000. However, patients who wish to have multiple areas treated can reduce costs by having all areas treated in one visit. Besides keeping the cost down, other advantages include having only one anesthetic, one recovery period, and one period of time wearing the postoperative garment. After discussing your body goals with Dr. Precht during your consultation, an individualized treatment plan will be created that will allow you to achieve your desired results. You will then be given a financial quote, as well as financing options if interested.

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